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Mistress ella strictland

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Mistress ella strictland

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K Lady Citizens from the U. As a Domme with a mercurial nature, my interests are varied, but taking control of you is always the mission. In the hands of a beautiful Woman who possesses the highest level of skills available, I will guide our journey through the depths misrress your submissive psyche, and safely return you wanting and waiting for the time we again discover new thrilling places. Photo Gallery:.

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Would you like more weights? She then slowly made her clinical preparations for introducing poor slave huey to urethral sounds. Why would anyone ever want to play anywhere else? My poor balls were stretched nearly to the floor of the Dungeon. As she yanked them off, i felt pain like i have never felt, and brother, i have had 9 kidney stones. She lisbon portugal escorts swung them a little, and the pain i felt was the most exsquisite ecstasy By now, any rational person would have done as instructed, and stayed quiet and recuperated from the gallons of adrenaline that Mistress Ella's ministrations had dumped into my system.

I forgot to mention that earlier, while suspensding me Mistress Ella attached very tight clamps on my nipples, and added a small weight to them. Then she placed my ankles in a spreader bar, and my journey began.

Mistress Ella Strictland Interview

I was dancing around madly now, and then She came in for the Kill. Her expression made my heart melt With all the other apin i was experiencing, i forgot about them until She platfully pulled on them, and i mkstress jumped off the table. The Mistress laughed, and began lashing me with the whip. Three fairly small ones to begin free chat fergus falls minnesota, then two heavier ones. She was so gentle in attaching the weights, looking up at me with tender loving care, as She streched my balls towards mitsress floor with each additional weight.

K Lady Citizens from the U.

Houston Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, Dungeon, Boot worship, Foot worship, Ella, Strictland, femdom, Texas

Mistresss peeped into the cup, and said reprovingly "You left a few drops huey". Mistress Ella walked around behind me, her boots steps echoing on the Dungeon flooor Tsrictland came a larger sound, with the same process, then a third sound, larger still.

Not wanting to disappoint Her, i sucked on that straw like a kid trying to mistres the last vestiges of his milkshake at McDonalds. The expression on my face must have been pretty funny, because Mistress Ella laughed so hard She had to hold onto the counter for support.

She reached for my cock, and a little drool fell onto her lovely hand. As a Domme with a mercurial nature, my interests are varied, but taking control of you is always the mission. She selected a flogger, and cambodia escorts strapping my back, shoulders and ass with it The Mistress then attached an electrode down below my balls, and one on the underside of my cock head, on the million dollar spot.

This process continued for quite a while, and i always seemed to flinch, as i couldn't time her blows at all. Immediately as i entered, i knelt down and kissed the Mistress' boots, and nervously thanked her for seeing me.

Mistress Ella Strictland Palmer gorgeous girls

The sensation was marvelous as She looked mistrses into my eyes and pushed the plunger all the way down!! Except for the damnable nipple clapms, which She had yet to remove.

She slowly turned towards me, and with a wicked grin that would have done the Grinch proud, and softly said "Why, no huey, i had to let my toilet slave go, but since you asked She then instructed me to count each stroke, and to thank Her for each blow She then proceeded to add every single ball weight She possessed in Her arsenal, and i am proud to tell you that i took them all.

She walked over to the dtrictland, and ordered me to kneel.

What a cupids billings escorts After a few fairly light strokes, she hit my left buttock with a blow that took my breath away It was as if She was reading my mind. Now dlla all of it!! Photo Gallery:. Mistress Ella, as it turned out had read and committed to memory every single word of the application that i had spent two arduous hours composing.

On this one, Mistress Ella really cranked up the electricity, and if i hadn't been securely bound, i would have leapt off the table. She grabbed my balls and looked into my eyes with a penetrating stare that seemed to pierce my soul.

It was then that the full reality of what i had asked for in my application struck me like the proverbial million-pound shithammer The Iron Gate Dungeon has to be experienced in person to be believed - it is perfect in every aspect, as is Mistress Ella, of course. What a fascinating experience, to see your cock impaled by long surgical steel rods!!!

This was a sublime moment of epiphany for slave huey. Now in your application, you also indicated an interest in weights being hung from your balls". Then, the Mistress came around to face me, and noticed that my rock-hard cock had started to drool. The whip cracked on either side of stricgland head, and the shotgun sound made me flinch involuntarily.

The Mistress ordered me to strip, and since i hadn't brought a thong, She went to find midtress one. She left me kneeling for several minutes, and returned with a thong which she fed through my legs and snapped on me. I was then taken down from suspension, and ordered to lie down on looking for bj in medora county medical table, where the Mistress tied me down securely.

Mistress Ella then attached a parachute harness to my balls, and began hanging a series of weights from them. The Mistress looked at me with disgust and made me lick it off her hand Oh, misstress, please Mistress, i heard some other person answer for me.

My head was comfortably supported by two pillows, so, as Mistress Ella innocently el,a, i could "watch the festivities". She then got out a shorter whip and struck my cock several times. But not slave huey Then She unwrapped the first sound, which looked incredibly long and had a small round ball on the tip.