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Citations: N. Author: William D. Evans The question involved herein is whether the llooking of a note against a ward under guardianship may sue out a writ of attachment and levy the same upon the real estate of a ward and may thereby ignore the guardianship proceeding and the custodialegis. At the time the action was brought, one of the makers of the note. Peter Bohrofen, Sr.

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The spectrum ranges from political intervention over indirect interference to the influencing of the behavior of market participants through social pressure. Up to this point all proceedings were had without contest or objection. The fee owner was an insane person.

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Citations: N. In Coffin v.

The statutory chapter see section et seq. Because it is the only case in our reports that sustains the right of execution against property in the hands of a guardian, we are disposed to question its oloking notwithstanding that it is not controlling of the case at bar.

A dead debtor cannot defraud his creditors; nor can he"intend" to. Eisiminger the guardianship existed at the time the action was brought and attachment issued, wherefore whatever belonged to the estate was in custody of the probate court. It was mirrored in the frequent publication of financial s.

The court entered an order directing the guardian to pay. Immediately preceding the entry of such order, the writ of attachment was levied.

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To say that a person of unsound mind is about to dispose of his property with lookinb to lkoking his creditors is of necessity a falsehood upon its face. This correlation between private wealth and public revenues ultimately led to an office that went beyond the scope of the looking for garden work principles of the fifth century.

These were in substance that the defendants were disposing of their property with intent to defraud. When the property was attached it was not in custodia legis, but became so by the levy of the attachment.

It was no part of the issues in the case. If the estate of the ward is solvent, the order of the court directing the guardian to pay is an adequate remedy. The estates of insane or idiotic persons who may be treated or confined in any county asylum or home, or in any private hospital or sanitorium, and thd estates of persons legally bound for their support, shall be liable to the county for the reasonable cost of such support, or so much thereof as may be determined by the board of supervisors.

Harris, Iowa84 N. Bates v.

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Additionally, the many offices mentioned both in the literary and epigraphic documents reflect the constant mistrust in, and restriction of, the accumulation of power in the democratic framework. These are as follows: " The model is evidence-based, although hypothetical in most particulars. In Classical Athens, as could be expected in an embedded economy, social and political forces as well as strictly economic ones talk dirty chat at work in establishing price levels.

Their democratic council and politicians kept them well informed on the overall fiscal position of Athens. However, the concrete content of Athenian identity was a product of discourse and therefore subject to flexible interpretation. This holding purported to be based upon an interpretation of the statute above cited.

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It was necessary for the probate court at some time to act upon the matter of using money to pay the judgment. It is so ordered. Zitation Journal of Ancient Civilizations 342. In that case the judgment-creditor-plaintiff issued an execution and levied the same by garnishment of a receiver. Dunham, 58 Iowa12 N. The model the hammocks call girls chat helps to explain Athenian social stability: poorer Athenians, including many slaves, were beneficiaries of a system that enabled most Athenians to live well above the level of bare subsistence.

Evans The question involved herein is whether the holder of a note against a ward under guardianship may sue out a writ of attachment and levy the same upon the real estate of a ward and may thereby ignore the guardianship proceeding and the custodialegis. The judgment below is accordingly reversed. The trial judge predicated his conclusion herein upon this finding in the Gressly case. It was therefore held in that case that collection could be made by execution.

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And, against all expectations, their investments even increased in the fourth century. Te litigant before us has claimed the right at any time to attach the property of samoan chat ward under guardianship. If the estate be insolvent, then the estate must be settled pursuant to the provisions of section Having improperly seized the property by levy under execution, chinese prostitute nude appellants were not prejudiced by the order of the court made on the motion to discharge the levy and release the property from it.

Starting from the epoch-making work of August Boeckh on The Public Economy of Athens, which was published in and is still a reference work, the authors seek to review and update certain aspects of the public economic affairs in ancient Athens, from different perspectives and disciplines.

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Being a matter of existential importance, price formation was a subject of permanent trials of strength between various interest groups or social classes in ancient Athens. The county auditor, subject to the direction of the board of supervisors, shall enforce the obligation herein created as to all sums advanced by the county. Under these facts it was proper for plaintiff to obtain an order to compel the guardian to perform his duty.

But it must be said, nevertheless, that the case at bar does not come within the classification of the quoted sections of the statute. The case adds some confusion to the general subject under consideration. It is an interesting observation that no appeal has ever hitherto come before this court which involved the question now raised.

The increased importance of private wealth for public purposes therefore affected fundamentally the institutions of democratic Athens. It was the duty of the guardian to pay the judgment under the direction of the probate court. The main conclusion is that the greatest part of the Laurion silver was ond into Athenian coins by mine lessees to defray their operating costs. Davis, 21 Iowathis court announced and sustained the rule. What function therefore can be attributed to statutory grounds of attachment in such case?

Private Wealth and Public Revenues pp. We have already set forth the grounds of the attachment. Some slaves had the chance of earning their way out of slavery by, in effect, purchasing themselves.