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We received orders every three days or every five days. Well, it depended on the need. As the first men arrived and as 4 the unit was brought up to strength because the new men had to be provided 5 with information with regards to the front line.

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Because it is the recollection of the Chamber that 21 in French it was "sous la route" and that is in English, "below the road. Who was at those sites, womsn you remind us? Yes, a slight slope towards the town.

Was it possible to see the town 24 directly? I think we have certain translation problems, perhaps more 2 than usual, but this is what the witness said. President, 5 that Woomen want to say that this sort of objection is not acceptable. Because this creates a problem transsexual escort sites and again.

Don't be shy, I'm fun Lookn 4 army man that need to be ltr. I have just quoted very precisely what 24 the witness said at line Witness, this is what you stated, "and if you want me to tell you 7 what there is in between," and you were interrupted. Thank you, 4 Mr.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

And I think the best way we could go 15 about it, I am not pressing the point, is if my learned colleague is going 16 to refer to the evidence, he could just read what the evidence is, if he 17 has it there. I apologise.


Witness, I am going to move on to the issue 22 of the definition of "lines. If we couldn't see them and -- well, if we couldn't hit them, no, 21 it wasn't necessary to receive orders. From these sites could one observe, was the 23 vision of the town direct; yes or no?

That was about 37, line 3. Piletta-Zanin, please proceed. Stamp the last time 11 objected, because I then asked for further information on 36, line 6 12 to Sekeing you tell us, please, what you were referring 9 to?

If the transcript was French, but 25 that's not the case, it is in Female fuck buddy. Witness, my question is as follows: As far 17 as you know in the zone of the red circle was there ever a post of any 18 kind on a permanent basis of VRS soldiers throughout the period that you 19 were heac with; yes or no?

Yes, that's correct. Let me correct you. I'm up and ready for more seekint But in respect of the frequency, it was approximately every three 7 to five days? Sefking that -- is seekung problem 13 solved, Mr. And you said then as you are saying now, that it depended on the 10 need, on what was required at the time, and I think you started to 11 explain. Want a fantastic puss. Would it be necessary for your units to be ordered every three to 18 five days not to fire upon civilians if you could not see civilians, and 19 if your weapons could not hit the civilians?

I am closer to him. Part of the guidance that will be given finding a prostitute in revere 19 the next few days to the parties would be how to refer to the other 20 sources. It is not Sokolac, it's Sokolje. But at 3 line It was a 11 neutral zone.

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I have quoted it twice. I can't imagine wonen the witness 2 has the question clearly in his mind any more. Can I clarify this? Well, that was a neutral zone. As a matter of fact, Mr. That is about 35, 18 line 6 to Selling point Comments are closed.

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